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Go Green with Solar Pool Heating!

Heat your pool for FREE with the SUN.

A pool is a wonderful investment in your home. It increases your property value & provides you with a relaxing retreat, a place to exercise, and a nice setting to entertain friends and family.

But what if your pool is too cold many months of the year to thoroughly enjoy?

You could heat your pool with gas or electric conventional heaters, but they are expensive to operate.

A natural, efficient solution is a solar pool heater from Solar Hydronics Corp.


When you heat your pool using renewable solar thermal energy, you will extend your swim season while saving money and energy.

If you already have a conventional heater, but are tired of paying the high rates associated with heating your pool, or are just making a break to be more environmental, you can still use a solar pool heater in conjunction with your existing heater. This is what's known as a Hybrid System, and it is an economical choice for many homeowners.

Solar Hydronics Corp. offers several nationally recognized brands of solar pool heating systems; the most technically advanced manufacturing facility with the highest production standards, all backed by 30 plus years of experience.